Thursday, October 13, 2011

Limp and loving it

Hormones have won the battle and I am waving my flag proudly. My little princess is limp and quite happy.

She makes such tingly cummies now that she doesn't get hard and nestles easily into my panties to make the cutest bulges.

There are a lot of people who have ideas about what they like in a shemale sex partner. Do you like us hung and hard, or limp and tiny?

What do you think about a castrated ladyboy, does that excite you?


  1. Hi Mei!
    Looks like you met one of your goals. So what is cumming while limp like?

    Also I think castrated ladyboys show a real level of dedication to their femininity. One of my favorites is Sarina Valintina, her clit is sooo cute!

    I gotta grab some foods but I think I'll try to get on Yahoo later.

  2. what's interesting is i never thought about how nice it could be to be a limp little sissy until i read one of your stories. I guess that shows the power of the word giggles.

  3. Congratulations Sweetie! You are closer to your goal. Enjoy the way your clit responds now, it sounds divine.


  4. Myself, I am happy that you are happy. To your Blog question, I do not care. I would love to have my own be limp and useless, but hey, that is just me.

    I really wish you the best in your change.

  5. limp and cute , sissy pathetic , funny and oooooo so wonderful . mmmmmmmmm sweet as limp silk.

  6. I say that now more than ever I want your cute little limp sissy ass down here. Preferably riding my hard cock while your limp clit flaps in the wind.

  7. I can't start out this way when I'm pleasuring a man. my clit still stands straight up and pops out my panties...but once they make me cum, I love to hang limp like this tucked in my panties

  8. I ADORE the idea of a limp little sissy cocklette! My favorite porn stars have big fake titties and tiny soft clitties, like Sarina Valentina and Kimber James. Having a hard cock it such a masculine thing, and it's such a huge step to give that up. Congratulations!

  9. I love sissies with cute little limp-clits. So feminine and enjoyable to lick and suck on :)


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