Saturday, December 10, 2011

Coming Out to Daddy

My Dad knows now, and that was pretty scary. I was over at his place last Sunday with my Brother and we were unable to tell him. Oh, didn't I mention: my Brother came out as gay last week. Fascinating, isn't it?

So after leaving his place on Sunday my Brother calls him and outs us both over the phone. Not ideal, but the bandaid needed removing. It doesn't matter, he loves us, is what he said.

We met him earlier this week to talk and discuss more and it was awkward but he is being supportive. He wants to help, and I explained my financial situation. He says he has contacts who would pay for me. I was shocked. It wasn't a maybe, he has rich business partners who will buy my body. The catch it that they have to like me. I hope I am likable.

I have a hard time understanding why anyone would help me financially. My Dad says I don't understand how much money people have and how willing they are to help improve special people's lives.

I hope they see how special I am, and agree with the goals I have set out before me as mentioned all over this slutty blog.


  1. Congrats, sweetie! I'm sure that now the band-aid has been ripped off you have to be somewhat relieved.

    And to have benefactors who may be able to help out? Even better!


  2. Congrats babe! Glad it went well for you. Also, I honestly find it pretty hot that it sounds like your dad is basically offering to pimp you out to his rich business contacts! Sexy!

  3. I often live by the rule of it's who you know, not what you know.

    Having some special connections always helps. And in your case, you needed the finances to help your transformation. I have noticed that at times the wealthy are more to happy to help with someone elses cause. I believe it's a tax write off lol.

    But that is awesome that your dad has been accepting of your new life. Congrats.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. WOW!!! congrats Mei ^-^

    It must be strange for you, but find it, as a great chance in your life. That only one chance you encounter once and not anymore, so don't let it escape you!

    May your dreams be fullfilled... you just had the name for it *giggle*

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  5. I'm glad to hear that things are going well for you. I know that you've been dealing with a lot of things throughout the year. You deserve to have things going your way for a change.

  6. Wow Im so happy for you! Congrats on this. I know how scary it can be to come out to your familly. And I can understand about the 'ideal' situation. Saddly that didn't go as you would have liked but it did turn out better than you could have expected. After following you here, I cant see how they would not like you. I look foward to your happiness.

  7. You are not only special . . You are exquisite . . . phenomenally exciting and intoXXXicating! You possess and own and radiate sophistication, elegance and class while at the same time glow with a sexiness that is overpoweringly alluring and enchanting . . . You are a true gift to the world as You bring the light of Your beauty to a world that needs true beauty. michael g.b.

  8. Thanks to all of you for your well wishing. I'm glad to have your support.

    As it turns out my daddy has been flip flopping on whether he in fact said those things, then he said them but he doesn't talk to coworkers about personal things, then he saw them in the hallway but didn't get a chance to say anything.

    Read: I'm on my own, no help from daddy.


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