Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mako Pictures

I was pointed towards these fun TG movies by a dear friend.

Mako Pictures are great efforts and you can see the improvements in quality and acting in each subsequent venture. I think it is immensely important to support these sorts of ventures as they are few and far between.

My personal favourite is The Black Rabbit, for obvious reasons I will now cite.

A spy sort of guy finds his wife captured and he wakes up in a dark creepy room. He is transformed into an Asian woman and given a new mission. Of course in true TG fantasy tradition he goes through a number of stages:

1. Confusion. Omg what did you do to me? Bitch gets angry.

2. Engrish. Oh nos you made my brain change so I can't speak English!

3. Wow this body feels so much better than my male body. Also: flowers are nice.

4. Men are yummy, what was I thinking liking girls? I am a girl so I have to be hetero, natch.

While yes, they are cross dreamer fictions and they don't specifically relate to or support being transgender, I think it is worth supporting, especially given how many of us enjoy TG fiction.


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