Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Changing rooms

I've been shopping more lately. Now that things are beginning to settle in the new house, boxes are vanishing and in their stead interiors are designed, it seems like a good idea to return to one of my favourite past-times: shopping.

A few of my co-workers, one in particular, have become great friends and shopping partners and we're even going clubbing on Saturday! In order to be prepared, I wanted to get a nice top and skirt going, but in all honesty without breasts it is extremely difficult to find a top.

Tops in today's trends have lace, or are see through. They have thin straps and low backs or plunging necklines. I went out three lunch breaks in a row and each time came up empty handed. Without real breasts, I won't be having much luck finding tops to go with my now six or seven skirts.

Instead I returned to old faithful, dresses. I went back to Le Chateau outlet with a coworker on lunch break today and tried on dresses. I went into the stall, put the dresses on, and showed them off with the door open. Nobody minded. Why had I waited this long to do this, I wonder?

Five fabulous dresses tried on, two fabulous dresses purchased. Efficient lunch hour, n'est pas?

Tomorrow I set my sights on shoes and accessories. I'll be wearing a cute black dress and have to contemplate whether I round house kick the world with colourful red heels, or go for purple and grab the clutch my dear friend Shaun gave me for Christmas, or go classic black pump. I'm told every lady needs a classic black pump.


  1. I hope you post pictures of your clubbing adventures. I'm sure your readers would love to hear about it.

  2. Buy a pair of breastforms, and the medical adhesive glue that will attach them to your chest from Glamour Boutique (easily found online).

    Then you will be able to wear just about any kind of top, provided you get the right size.

  3. Sounds like you're having a great time shopping. Enjoy the clubs!


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