Saturday, February 4, 2012

Dreaming Solo

I used to have such vivid dreams, I wrote tv scripts to express the endless flow of imaginative, recurring concepts that came to life as I slept. I can't remember the last time I had a dream.

That was until the first night I slept alone in my new bed. I've had vivid, intensely sexy, imaginative, and very trans focused dreams every single night since moving into my own room.

well the first night i dreamt about the same concept as the one tv show i have had pretty decent feedback about the city is under attack and stuff, very like toronto warzone ish and im leading a group of people i know to resist, and then i go into a dress shop and the lady is expecting me and she gets me into a pretty dress and helps me be so pretty and then she opens the curtain and they are all there and its like im coming out to them.

The next night I had a dream I was talked into being a ladyboy pet for a black family in a very run down creepy house. It was so visual and sexy and as with all these dreams I felt so very very much vulnerability and submissive. I recall struggling with some tasks like cleaning the run down crack-ish house but being so hopelessly dazed for how the matriarch of the house especially talked to me.

Last night was a James Bond spy night. I had a spy plane and attended a sexy party where I made friends with a flirt as much a flirt as me and we did a get away being chased by the bad guys.

I'm eager to be on my back in bed again!


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