Monday, February 6, 2012

Trouble with Travelling

This is such a roller coaster, being trans and struggling to make it happen in a fabulous gender quest. There is a lot of fear and sadness, as well as the fuck and joy.

I still need to find money to get my surgeries in Thailand, but now it has become clear this will be a difficult task, as the Canadian government's position on traveling transpeople is not a positive one.

Of course it isn't a punishment to be forced to live and work in Bangkok after being rejected from your own country. It is a blessing when you're from as morally backwards a place as Canada.


  1. Hi Mei

    I Love your blog and i would also like to say that you look incredible, i wish i looked even 10% as good as you do. :):):)

    Would it not be possible to cross the border into the US and travel to Thailand via that route and then return the same way?
    Or do U.S. custom have the same restrictions?


  2. On something completely different - have been reading an online strip - Escape from Terra - and they had a minor charcter who was a Thai Ladyboy - you might find it interesting - it's about a weeks worth of strips starting here -->

    She's pretty badass anyway giggles.

  3. Wow Betty I just read that; Suki was awesome! Thanks very much for sharing that, I'm always happy to see content like this.


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