Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fetish Fury

“So do you, or do you not endorse coaxing people into thinking that what they are aroused by is indicative of an underlying discord? Also do you believe that how one relates, rationalizes and desires plays no part in how one identifies oneself?” - Anonymous

I’m... I’m honestly shocked. Wait, let’s go back. Let’s get a little context. So I totally did this crossdreaming blog fiesta recently and the last post was here. It’s like, right below this one, but don’t make eye contact, it’s super involved with like 19 comments and counting.

Anonymous, which seems like such a popular name these days, seems to feel marginalized for being sexually attracted to an unspecified method of feminization. He seems angry at Jack Molay and this is where the confusion really sets in for me.

Anonymous suggests people are being wrongfully convinced that they have gender identity issues because they are sexually attracted to feminization. Or something like that, I’m trying to piece together a message from his several posts. So Anonymous has asked me whether I endorse this.

See, my mind is boggled how someone can think the two have anything to do with one another. I am a slut and I loves me all kinds of sex. I want to be led out like a pet on a leash and gangbanged as entertainment for a party of wealthy men and women. Having them pet me, patronize me in that deliriously wonderful condescending tone that they give to dogs, and else stuff. That does not mean at all that I want to be a dog. 
My identity is not exclusively made up of sexual fantasies. I have an xbox and shit. I own a car. I’m a real person yo.

I may be your pet, but I still have to pay taxes.

Since each person’s situation is unique, wtf is your point anyways? We’re going to argue generalizations about gender identity and sexual identity? How would we do that? What Rosetta stone exists to help us discuss any of this?

For argument’s sake, let’s generalize the fuck out of this. If you’re getting sexually aroused by wearing women’s clothing or dreaming about being a woman, you might be a crossdresser or you might be a crossdreamer. I’m just stabbing the dark on the meaning of crossdreamer now since it has been established it was created by Jack Molay. Ask Jack what he intended by the statement. If you’re identifying with crossdreaming but in a sexual fetish way, then I figure the term fits and so I’m using it in this case.

In either case, if you’re sexually excited by these ideas but you have no desire to pursue transition, that’s clue number one you aren’t differently gendered. It isn’t a hard and fast rule by any means, but for my reply to this discussion it works just fine.

About being coerced to transition: wtf are you smoking? You’ve been reading too many stories and captions Captain Anonymous, and you clearly have very little respect for the differently gendered. Let me walk you through why the idea of being convinced into transition when you don’t really want it is absolutely clown shoes ridiculous.

I never felt right, even as a kid. I didn’t know what the issue was, but as I grew and learned more I felt significant and ongoing displeasure with myself, my body, my reflection in the mirror. I felt off. I didn’t need to be convinced or coerced to become a woman. When I learned that was even possible, and began my journey, you couldn’t coerce or convince me NOT to transition. It was like a floodgate opened, it was like I had been freed from tyranny, it was like I had found the cure for a serious illness, like I discovered fucking Science!

For me, as a transgendered person, I busted my ass and have been crawling through enormous difficulty to be the person I feel in the cells of my body, in the aching of my bones that I need to be. I struggle against a system that is designed to resist my success, a system of gender binary and intolerance where depending on which nation I visit I may not have basic human rights.

I’m totally shocked by this protest in the first place. There is no conspiracy against cisgendered guys who get off dreaming about or dressing as a woman. No plot exists to convince you to transition for some nefarious ladyboy-army building purpose. This world fights transgender people tooth and nail, and how dare you try to compare your right to get that tiny dick of yours off in a pair of lace panties like a good little cuck to me travelling across the entire mother-fucking world to get a fair price on breast implants and risk surgery and the possibility of never seeing my daughter’s face again. If you’re a cisgendered guy who just likes getting off to ideas of feeling feminine sometimes, boo hoo! Go take your male privilege to the food bank and try to trade all the ways you’re on top of the world like food stamps.

Please, by all means, pull your widdle dickie and dream about being a girl. Nobody cares. Nobody wants to stop you. In fact I want you to do it more. I’m happy you do it. I bet you make wet little cummies when you read about me being wrongfully coerced into transition in my captions. 

Be proud of your fetish, not defensive


  1. With all due respect, I can't see how this still confuses yourself, let alone constitutes that post.

    copy and pasta..

    The culture of "coaxing" exists on online feminization fetishism (aka "crossdreaming") communities. A large fraction of members all too casually endorse that feminization fetishism indicates an underlying gender dysphoria, without addressing deeper issues. Some without hesitation, even directly endorse taking hormones to feminize the body.

    As I stated before, what one is is hardly self-evident. How one rationalizes the fetish plays a huge role in whether one identifies and invests in the gender-dysphoric narrative. It often seems the at the entrance door to these communities you have people spoon feeding this narrative to all comers.

  2. I'm not going to have some long droning conversation pretending that we are scientists and professionals. Do that elsewhere.

    You are the one who is confused, not me. You're making assertions without any fact and they are from Bizarro world.

    Where is the campaign to convince people to transition? The reality is there is a specific and transphobic set of protocols through which white male cisgender Doctor’s have decided that trans-identified individuals must go in order to transition.

    The established method of handling transgender people is to discourage them. When I was at CAM-H they told me I was gender disphoric, histrionic, and a nymphomaniac and that I should think hardera bout my life. They did not approve me for any gender changes, hormones, or anything. That was the big black gate of Mordor when it comes to SRS.

    The rules slightly vary but usually include requiring a psychiatrist for an extended period, who then must be convinced of your authenticity and write a letter to allow you to proceed to hormones. Then you’ve got to get an Endocrinologist and they will take their time, slowly introducing hormones into your system. You’re expected to live full time for an extended period before being eligible for SRS.

    Where in any of this does it seem like a free ticket to convince the poor and doe-eyed fetish crossdreamers that they are girls instead of boys with a secret?

    Transitioning costs tens of thousands of dollars. What bigger discouragement does one need? We transition because it goes far beyond a simple state of mind, it is in every fibre of our being. You don’t understand that because you aren’t transgender. You just have sexual fantasies that girls are going to laugh at you about.

    Isn’t it funny how that works? I transition and men and women go wild for me. Is that how it is when you tell people about your sexual dreaming? Or do you tell people at all? LOL.

    As I said earlier, you’re confused. You are clearly not the friend of this community and you are so wound up in your own self interest that you do not see you’re just a priviledged cis gender dude and nobody on this planet is going to mobilize a community to fight for your rights. Please, have at. Give it a go.

    But if you don’t clear up your language and learn to listen instead of repeating biased, unfounded accusations that we are casting spells on innocent men who just wanna dream about xyz then you’re not going to get very far.

    Also, pick a venue. Jack Molay would surely have conversations with you of a more clinical and pseudo-scientific nature where you can discuss what’s to be done with this confused little trannies. You can wear a tweed jacket with leather patches and hum frum frum about the state of affairs. I don’t think my blog is a suitable venue for this. I occasional post things like this but I’m not some pretend professional. I just say things and try to do so theatrically.

  3. "Where is the campaign to convince people to transition?"

    Holy shit, did you not even bother to read my previous message? I wasn't talking AT ALL about institutional procedure!

    Regarding the hostility and attitude of your last response in particular, (despite likely being due to your consistent inability to understand all but anything) I won't hesitate to respond likewise.

    "pretending that we are scientists and professionals"

    So we are not to think and discuss by virtue of some notion of "authority", let alone regarding feminization fetishism, an authority which does not exist?

    "We transition because it goes far beyond a simple state of mind, it is in every fibre of our being. You don’t understand that because you aren’t transgender."

    There is something self evident about identification as transgender? The "panties test"? How scientific LULZ

    "You just have sexual fantasies that girls are going to laugh at you about."

    You mean feminization fantasies, as in the exact same thing you have been churning out for years? A body of work that is solely enjoyed by masochistic feminization fetishists, and also clearly indicates being produced by a connoisseur of such.

    "Is that how it is when you tell people about your sexual dreaming? Or do you tell people at all? LOL."

    Do you tell people about your work here? What would they think if they saw this website? That you masturbate over self-feminization? Do you think that they will think that that is your motive for transitioning? LOL

    "You are clearly not the friend of this community"

    What community? The community that masturbates over your work of sexually-fetishistic feminization? Are you going to un-friend every fetishist that does not profess to have gender-dysphoria, or anyone who doesn't agree with propagating the notion that feminization fetishism denotes an underlying gender-dysphoria?

    I am acquainted with JackMolay. His wish is to reduce all feminization fetishism to a fetishless underlying gender discord. An absolute ideological bias, in support of the gender-dyphoric, TOTALLY at the expense of those who are simply aroused by feminization. Even if it means that there are fetishists who are mistakenly instilled with the rationalization of being gender-dysphoric, or the case of many people who permanently alter their body because they can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality.

  4. Hey at least this time I could understand what you were trying to say! Congratulations on finding sentence structure!

    Firstly coworkers have read this blog. Family members have read this blog. Long time friends and new acquaintances have read this blog. Counter salesgirls at clothing, shoe, and sex stores have read this blog. I’m sort of proud of myself, I... I had thought my ego had been well understood by now. There are naked pictures of me on the internet and I plan on doing more. I had sex on video for several hours and the man who thought he was serious learned what real serious is and now he won’t give me the video because he KNOWS I will put it online. I’m not playing around and I’m 100% real, authentic Mei. I’m stunned that you think I would be afraid to reveal to ANYONE who I am. I even told my own fucking MOTHER what a slut I am. That was a bad idea, btw... but I did it.

    I’m right aren’t I? You haven’t told anyone about what makes your little dick hard, have you?
    Naughty boy.

    The lack of understanding is coming solely from your direction, and at this point seems obviously rooted in transphobia. You are fail. I’m not going to speak on Jack Molay’s behalf but for my own part I’ve been clear that not every person who is sexually attracted to feminization is differently gendered. You’re a moron for not being able to pick up on that as it has been repeatedly mentioned in my blog in the past few weeks.

    What’s more unsettling is that you would BELIEVE anyone who suggests they know how the world turns. Nobody does. That’s why this is all ridiculous, all the discussions and pseudo-science. Just live your life, cuckold. Go and jerk off to fantasies of being a woman, to the captions I make because I know they get your wee wee hard and don’t sweat so much this conspiracy theory about poor innocent straight boys being turned into ladyboys.

    Isn’t it up to the individual to decide what gender they are and how they should proceed with that? Isn’t it up to you to decide for yourself whether or not you are merely a fetishist or differently gendered? Why do you think anyone in this big beautiful world of ours cares about your fetish feelings?

    You won't be talking anymore here sweetie, you're obviously unhinged. I'm going to leave your comment here so people can read it. I expect their reactions will be a mix of amusement at how pathetic you are and horrified by how out of touch with yourself you are. If you bother to post again I’ll lazily get up and after lots of people have read it, maybe after some have even commented, I’ll click spam and mute you, because I can decide when you talk and when you are quiet.

  5. Mei, just wanted to start off with how I love your captions and blog. I also wanted to say that as some one who views my self as a trans-woman, it has nothing to do with Forced fem captions. That has everything to do with a bdsm kink, and nothing to do with my gender. I think its strange that people would consider this type of thing as an identifier on their gender identity, rather than a fetish.

  6. Sexuality is separate from gender. I agree completely Anonymous. My having created feminization captions has nothing to do with my gender, nor was the feminization aspect of those captions the exciting part to me. Thanks for your comment and your feedback!

  7. BDSM "kink"?

    Bubblepop's captions function like all the other captions in the genre of feminization fetishism, whether its fiction ( or videos (

    The underlying structure of arousal is all the same, the idea of being thought of through social-masochistic femininity. The recurring problem with those with this fetish is the tendency of internalization the very object of sexual desire (oneself as feminine). The same process which is documented with apotemnophilia



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