Monday, August 27, 2012

FanExpo Flirting

I had a great time at Fan Expo this year. While I didn't get to cosplay, which was entirely my own fault for waiting so long to put a costume together, there were many others dressed up and many ideas to be had!

My favourite part was meeting Joe Flanigan. I've interviewed a lot of people in my life, mostly musicians and mostly all of the people you've seen on Billboard charts over the past decade, but I don't get nervous. As I told Joe when I met him, I was nervous. My heart was racing and when I told him he reached out and held my hand. Swoon much? Um ya.

Joe Flanigan as Major/Lt. Col John Sheppard on Stargate Atlantis

So we're flirting for quite a few minutes, before I squealed and ran off, him saying "Bye Ma'am!" which was super awesome. My brother informed me afterwards that Joe actually said it was alright for me to take a pic. I of course, wasn't paying attention, I was too focused on him to hear that offer. Doh!


  1. Christina DiEdoardoAugust 27, 2012 at 12:56 PM

    Too awesome, eh! It was great spending time with you & Dan @ FanExpo this weekend! XO Christina

  2. You lucky duck! That show and actor rocks!


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