Sunday, March 3, 2013

Life Changes

Wow lots seems to be happening lately. I heard from shemale yum. Sorry darlings, technical issue caused the loss of the videos. I'm really pissed about it but nothing I can do. There are pics of me up there, I'll setup a link for you but I could really care less if you go or not. I'm not doing this for pics exposure I'm doing this for exposure by video.

My own content won't be suffering from much more delay. A truly awesome friend of mine is super excited to do some filming of me. She loves the idea of watching me while I get fucked, which I think is wicked, but also of being involved and filming some sex. So rest assured, I'm not going to let technical issues prevent me from getting video content to you.

My new friend and I are also considering a tag team dynamic duo to meet up with some guys for some hot fun! More details soon, but for now just a description:

We are the same height, weight, dress size, bra size, shoe size. We have the same fashion sense, taste in men, and fantasies. She is blonde, I am dark haired. She was born a girl, I'm an upgrade model. Think about us kneeling side by side, smiling up at you. Could happen if you are in the Greater Toronto Area.

I should also say that my car died on Friday. I'm in the process of leasing a new Nissan Altima and I'm hating on the monthly bill I'll be paying. Its not huge or anything, I just had the luxury of having a busted old 2000 Buick Century for awhile. I had no car payments. Of course it died, just like dreams, people, and fish. So now I'm gonna be in a sexy car all classy and elegant and shit but carrying around a bill with me for the next few years. Once we all move out and I get hit with an equally large rock of child support, I'm going to drown. Oh well.

Memory Lane is up for sale on Amazon! I'm really enjoying the feeling of being published. Go pick it up for a buck and carry our secret sex fantasy with you in your phone, tablet, or reader.


  1. I know this may be weird but is that a wig in that image? Or your natural hair? If a wig where did you get it?

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