Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Officially a Girl

Hello lovelies! I am so happy to announce that my legal name and sex designation changes have been completed. My birth certificate now, correctly, says Mei Innana and that big sexy F for Female!

It was a long process. When last we left off, they had lost my information for 7 weeks, rejected me based on an application error, and refused to rush my application upon its return. All that and they destroyed my birth certificate without replacing it!

My employer was very kind to write a letter of urgency (the only person they respect is a corporate entity, thanks Government) and away it went. I have it in my hands now, and I have to say its pretty great!

The next step will be to update my Service Ontario ID: Driver's License and Health Card. I'm not really sure where the Social Insurance Number comes into play. Maybe at the same time.

Once that's all done, I update my creditors, the businesses I hold accounts with, banks, utilities, insurance, etc.

I'll keep you posted and I'm so glad I have you to share this news with!

For ease and comfort, I'm going to compile my transition related blog posts into a downloadable kindle book that you'll be able to pick up on Amazon. I'll let you know when its ready, but I thought it might be something handy to have.

If you'd like to see any other blog posts compiled into a Kindle format, please let me know.


  1. COngratulations on that long and tough road. I have just started that road. I am lucky to have the support of my lovely wife.

  2. Mei Innana, what a sexy, beautiful name. Best of luck in your new femininity.

  3. Congratulations Mei Innana. Now you've been through all that, hopefully the other pieces of documentation will be easier.

    You look gorgeous in that picture. Love the heels.

  4. Congratulations Mei you must be thrilled.


  5. Congrats, hon! You've had a long journey, and it seems bad luck found you at every turn, but I am so happy to see how it has turned out.

  6. Congratulations! I don't know that I would have the courage to go through something like that, at least not permanently. Hopefully the rest of the legal changes will come about much easier. Best of luck to you!

  7. Humongous Congratulations Mei!!! That's so wonderful! I'm glad that they finally completed all that paperwork.

  8. Hey, Mei

    Sorry to bother, but I'm starting the legal process of my transition and wanted to ask if you could post whether you were somehow able to get your name and gender marker changed simultaneously and if so how you did it, because I thought you had to do name and then gender marker afterward. I'm also in Ontario. Thanks in advance!

  9. Best of luck girl, as your most deserving. Hugs n kisses


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