Sunday, March 17, 2013

Updating Birth Certificate Details

Hello lovelies! I've updated my driver and health cards now. That was much less of an ordeal. It still involved me losing a day of work and travelling to two different locations before I would get assistance, but it's done now, and it didn't cost me anything!

I was asked the following in a recent blog post:

Hey, Mei

Sorry to bother, but I'm starting the legal process of my transition and wanted to ask if you could post whether you were somehow able to get your name and gender marker changed simultaneously and if so how you did it, because I thought you had to do name and then gender marker afterward. I'm also in Ontario. Thanks in advance!

I was able to get both my sex designation and legal name changed on my birth certificate at the same time, yes. I submitted the package in it's entirety. It's going to cost about $300, including cost to mail priority (which you may not want to do, but I sure wanted that updated fast). The cost also includes $50 for the two notarized affirmations you have to make.

In addition to that, you need to get several guarantors, provide all original documents, and provide a letter from your Doctor (or someone else I'm not sure, I used my Doctor) explaining why you need this. If you want them to rush it, you'll need a corporation or Doctor to write a letter saying so. I used the former because a job opportunity that was time sensitive and travel dependent came up, but they said if you want to have a Doctor rush it, you'd pretty much need to be having surgery immediately.

They suck, so make sure you very clearly document everything. In an effort to be helpful, I've got the links you'll likely need below:

Good luck! As for me: on to the passport!

 For no reason: a sexy pic!


  1. Thanks so much for making a whole post just for me! So, in short, if I send both documents/packages with my birth certificate, they can process both at once! Awesome! I may just wait an extra week to speak with my psychiatrist about writing the letter for the gender marker change so I can do both at once. Thanks so much!

  2. Hey mei you might want to look into other things as Canada generally will re-train you in a job, as well as pay for surgeries and living expenses for like two yrs. not a bad deal as well as they are so desperate for truck drivers right now, that they are literally offering citizenship if one were to move up there. Which quite frankly I am pondering that.

    Here in the states, I have to change everything as well but it only costs bout 200. For everything as well as can change sex on identities

    Anyway best of luck girlfriend and still absorbed in your part-time job. I luv it:)

  3. Actually have surgeon up your way. Brassard. Very good at the change over


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