Thursday, May 19, 2011

Anti Androgens

I got my prescription for anti androgens this week. I'll be taking Spironolactone, an anti androgen that doesn't block testosterone, it blocks the *effects* of testosterone. Also it a diuretic, so I will be a lot. Spiro is used as a blood pressure medication, so I'll feel calmer too perhaps lol.

It feels good to know I am moving forwards, but it is frustrating that I should, wisely, wait until partly through this probationary period for a new job before going deep into HRT and emotional lala land.

My Doctor tells me it isn't a chaotic time, the emotions are not random, it just means if I am taking estrogen and I have life challenges, I will be more susceptible to emotional outbursts due to them.

Darlin' have I got life challenges...


  1. Congratulations on beginning the antiandrogens mei! *hugs* It may be chaotic and stressful but you'll make it through and before you know it you'll be the bubbly sex goddess you're meant to be!

  2. Be careful with Spironolactone. Diuretic = dry mouth. Dry mouth = wicked cavities. I did a lot of damage to my mouth by taking Spironolactone. It's useful short term, but it is not a long term solution. What you really need is a GNRH-agonist, something like Lupron Depot. If you get the highest dose available, you only need to get an injection once every 3 months. It will boost your T production for a couple weeks and then your body shuts down T production. A new dose every 3 months and T production stays shut down. No dry mouth either. It's expensive, but is worth it given how shitty all the oral anti-androgens are.

  3. Congrats on this milestone! Please keep documenting your feelings and changes as they are happening. As a fellow Canuck I'm certainly curious to see how our government and medical infrastructure assist and hinder you through your journey.

  4. Good for you. I recommend these for all white men especially. You are making a good decision.


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