Sunday, May 22, 2011

Financing Ladyboys

In Canada production companies just pretend to be wealthy. In truth they live off of tax credits, which my documentary is ineligible for because this is transgender content. Because they can't get tax credits, no production company in Canada will touch me.

There are US and international options, and we are looking into it, but the most likely situation is that I will have to raise the budget for the documentary and produce it myself, hopefully with a commitement and license fee of a distributor.

I have been doing some light filming for my documentary, interviewing friends, family, and trans-support professionals. Bad news then comes: I have to self finance the documentary. Great.

Just because my life is apparently too easy, there is more: As the "subject" of this documentary, I am not "allowed" to earn a salary, receive residual profits, and (best part) I have to pay for every single cent of my transformation without help.

I'll figure it out, somehow.


  1. sugar, try and crowdfund your documentary!

  2. it might turn out to work in your advantage in the long run

  3. I'm surprised that transgender content wouldn't be a topic that's covered by the government in regards to documentary film making. I mean it would be a movie on the human condition. Hopefully it all gets figured out for you!


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