Sunday, May 1, 2011

Game of Thrones

I really like HBO content. I'd like my shows to be on HBO someday, and I believe they will be. For now, Game of Thrones is fantastic, filled with hot boys, and has a delicate balance of fantasy, fighting, and fucking.

I am particularly drawn to a character I did not think I would like at all. Daenerys. I am finding myself fantasizing of being in her position, but also empathizing with her plight. There is a wonderful balance of sexuality and submission here, especially since you can really feel the cold, the grit, the trap Daenerys is in.

I often fantasize and roleplay about being a trophy to be gifted to a king. I daydream of being a political chess piece, given at a party of wealth to ensure big business has its way.

I deserve to be pampered, bathed in milk, tended to by servants. I am not a dominant. I deserve it because it is my purpose to be pleasure. A Queen in a Game of Thrones does not necessarily begin her journey as a matriarch of will and way.

“I would let his whole tribe fuck you. All 40000 men and their horses too if that’s what it took.”


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