Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Donating Mei

I've struggled with this for awhile. I work hard to make things happen on my own but in order to achieve my dreams I need funding. I want to be self sufficient, but I want to be lady fabulous more. I'm reaching out to those who have enjoyed me so far, and look forward to enjoying me in high definition in the future.

I'm ambitious and I am committed to being the sexual diva I present myself as here. I want my time spent with fashion and filming sex and documentaries. The goal is to go full time lady fabulous and launch an adult website.

Donating helps me make this come true. Just because I love metaphors, consider it as an opportunity to be part of a rebirth. Your support will directly go to rebuilding me into the ladyboy joy you have heard from on this blog and in the community for years.

If you want to a more detailed breakdown about how your contribution will be used via documentary and body changes, or if you have any questions or concerns or just want to talk, email me.

My friend Jinx made some fakes of me.
I want to be me everyday, online isn't enough.

So please help the cause by clicking the donate button on the side bar of my blog. ---->

I'm so proud to be a digital slut for all of you. I want to continue to express myself sexually online, but I want to be the star of my own captions and videos.

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