Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ask Mei: Details!

I do have Formspring questions to answer, please do not think I have forgotten you. However I stumbled upon a number of questions elsewhere on the internet and I provided my answers. I wanted to share them with you.

1) Someone who is actually a shemale how much did it cost to get where you are at (Hormones, boobs, ass, hips, FFS, etc.) I want a rough estimate of what I should try to work up to or see what I can manage. Or does it all vary depending on the physical traits you have before hand.

Price is affected by region, surgical procedure, and your current physical appearance. North America is more expensive than the rest of the world, basically. Endoscopic procedures generally cost more than other methods, but you'll have smaller scars and in cases of FFS and brow work, you won't risk hair loss and forehead loss of sensitivity in most cases.

I'm going to Thailand in June to have bony contouring of the brow and jaw, a brow lift, and breast implants. This will cost me ten thousand of your American dollars. The price, I find, is reasonable and sane when the North American equivalent would be thirty thousand, no exaggeration. Those who cry that the quality overseas is reduced are the same people unlikely to believe education systems abroad are better than North America either. They simply lack information. Breast implants in Thailand could be 3900, in N. America they could be 8000. SRS/GRS in Canada is 25 thousand, I'm not sure about the States. The number is less than half in Thailand.

Thailand has experience, quality work and is world-renown for cosmetic surgery, not only for transgender procedures. Canada isn't renown for anything regarding cosmetic surgery except for one clinic in Montreal for MtF and one clinic in Mississauga for FtM. The disgusting difference in price is not quality, but rather it is hospital costs because of a poorly thought out medical system.

2) Also when is it appropriate to change your name after you have boobs or when you look more feminine?

It is appropriate to legally change your name when you go full time. If you want to do so before, it is entirely up to you, but it would likely make the most strategic sense to do so at this time. It would take 6-8 weeks in Canada to get your legal name change, and cost 135 dollars. Once you have it, you'd take it to your government location and have your Driver's License changed, along with a letter stating you are transgender from your Doctor and you can have your Driver's license name and sex changed. You can do the same with your health card. You will need to surrender your birth certificate when you submit the legal name change, and will be reissued the female name birth certificiate. However, if you have not had SRS and two letters from two seprate Doctors confirming it took place, you cannot be considered a female in Canada. 

3)This one doesn't count for me yet but I always wondered.... if you went to college and got a degree as a male how do you change that when you transition also is it still valid?

You take the legal name change results you receive from the mail to your creditors, any company with which you have contracts, bills, etc, and to the educational institutions you attended. They must update their records.

4)My biggest fear is transitioning and not finding someone who actually wants to be with me instead of just play, has this crossed anyone's mind... or am I the only one? Idk I just always hear sex when we are talked about and not exactly my partner.

I hear you sister, I also wonder if all I will be is a sex object. I went to a ladyboy club in Toronto. The owner was nice, the place was cozy, but the men only wanted sex. I thought to myself as I sat there, where would I go if I wanted a boyfriend? I know of no such place, except to say: the same places anyone else would go. I believe you can find love, and I have friends who have found quite nice boyfriends. Me, I'm in it for sex for now.

If you type ladyboy boyfriend into google images, you find my pic.

 5)Ana Mancini I feel she is the most gorgeous women I have ever seen that has transitioned, anyone know how much she used? I would love to be anywhere near as close as beautiful as she is.

Ana Mancini is very lovely. I can tell she has had extensive plastic surgery. I have nothing against that.

 6)How many of you girls lost friends or family over this? I kind of hinted... well told my Mom about it kind of to test the water and if she was to upset I would say I was messing around.. silly right I know.. well she didn't take it very well and I don't feel like she will be around once I do what I want to do.

I have watched so many of my friends suffer and lose family. I have not. Some friendships end awkwardly, but none have ended badly so far. I have been so blessed, but it isn't that way for so many of us. I am very sorry your Mother hasn't responded well. Given time perhaps she will.


  1. Hang in there. :)

  2. You indicate that you are embarked upon a path that is truly desperate. I wish you the best of luck.

    Please triumph. You are important to all of us.

  3. I wish to add that whatever you achieve, we are supportive. Rest well, heal well, and enjoy the many conquests among your future. We will, all of us, be desperately looking in upon the dream we might have realized.


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