Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ask Mei: Shoes and Shaving

Q: I shaved my arms for the first time today, I love how soft and smooth they feel, but I nicked myself a few times on the bumps and curves on my hands and elbows. Do you have any recommendations on keeping skin smooth and hairless?

Mei: It is important, especially during the winter months, to lotion several times a day. If you are finding that you are especially dry you should use something thick like a petrolium jelly. Otherwise, a body butter or body lotion will suffice when applied patiently and repeatedly. You want your dominants to feel you melt between their fingers when they caress you, don't you? I do.

There are products you can use after you shave to reduce/prevent redness, bumps, and razor burn. They essentially are rubbing alcohol in nature and sting when applied. Apply them everywhere you shaved before you apply your lotion.

Also, maintenance is imperative. You will experience fewer problems if you are not removing as much hair, so when you shave, keep it up, spot check, have a bath and shave in the bath or shower. It should work with your schedule, but don't neglect it.

YOu can use products like Nair or Veet on your arms, safely enough, also you might prefer waxing those regions. If you are on hormones your regrowth of hair should reduce soon enough that waxing becomes more economically viable than in the past. The issue I have with both shaving and Nair is that it really doesn't take it much past the root.

Consider the No!No! Hair Removal system. Yes, it does work, despite cynics. It requires repeated use and sticking to a regime of using it. If you use it a few times, you won't get significant results. This would be especially useful for arms and elbows, perhaps with a little finesse or a helping hand for the elbows.

You should also accept that females have body hair as well, in varying degrees. I want to be hairless as much as the next tgirl, but we should use our resources strategically. If you keep the hair thinned and reduced, you don't have to sweat having a little hair on the arms if it means you can afford laser hair removal on a more pressing area immediately.

Q: I love shoes too! I was wondering what are your favorite pair of shoes that you own and what shoes do you really wish you could have?

Mei: Now that is a difficult question. I struggle so much with picking favourites, and so I'll just go ahead and take a few pictures, let's call it a tie, pretty please??

The blue I got from Brida,(the online store does not do it justice) a store I absolutely love. They were on clearance for: 10 dollars. They are fabulous.

The red I bought on amazon along with some heart-shaped heels. I absolutely adore unique wedge designs. Take notes boys.

As far as shoes I wish I had? I require an endless supply of shoes, so my hunger will never be satiated. That said, I would love to have a pair of glittery slingback louboutins. The knock-off isn't in my size at my local ghetto mall. I will expand my hunt.

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  1. How often do you suggest using body butter a day? I've finally, after 5 years, settled into a schedule of shaving certain body parts everyday, so that I get my entire body every 6 days. However, that's just during the morning. How much time should I set aside to lotion my body each day? Should I lotion all of it every time?


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