Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mei Becomes Mei in May? Confirmed!

I'll be heading to Thailand May 16 for some surgeries. I've got my tickets and appointment with Doctor. I am very excited and thankful that my family has helped me raise the money I need for the first few procedures, and that my brother will be accompanying me and filming the experience.

If anyone has experience in Thailand I'd like to hear their thoughts on where we ought to go to interview some of the ladyboys before my surgery.

The bulk of my time will be spent whining in pain in a hotel room, but when I first arrive I wish to experience the culture.


  1. Way to go! Good luck! Soon you will be the slut of your dreams!

  2. That's great Mei! I hope you have a wonderful trip! I'm glad that your brother is able to go with you and help film and take care of you while you recover.

    Be careful though! I read an article about bombings in Thailand the other day and it got me worried about you

  3. Wow, you're moving on up! So happy for you girl! I hope I get to be one of the first to see your newly transformed you! ;)

    I wish you luck! :D

  4. I'm so happy for you. You've dreamed of this for so long!


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