Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I know this is entirely uncommon for me to blog about; but I just woke from a nightmare. I wrote it down, and it probably will seem ridiculous. I just felt like sharing it suddenly. Maybe I'm just avoiding going back to bed.

It hasn't been discussed for awhile, but I've written a lot of television concepts. None you'd see on the air unfortunately, but a lot that have received pretty great feedback. Not the kind that I can count and use at the bank, is the key difference.

The majority came from a series of recurring dreams that I would have over the period of months and years. In one instance, I've written out a bible for 22 episodes, and we've fully written a 2 hour pilot and 4 1 hour episodes from my recurring dreams. I still vividly recall what I intended to do after the 22 episodes. That show, above the others, is my baby. I want people to hear the story, and I'm beginning to think about other mediums.

I would have these dreams all the time, every night I seemed to pick back up where the last left off, giving me a mostly sequential and rational chain of events to write from. I haven't had these dreams since another person has been sleeping in my bed. I never really had thought about that until my family had begun sleeping in another bed, and now are in Philippines on vacation. I began to have dreams again.

So with that in mind, I had a nightmare.

My family; and other random people had flooded an underground pathway, industrial with boxes everyone. We were practically a river, quietly trying to escape view from an alien invasion.

It was like a convoy, there were people on foot, carrying belongings, and also some high tech equipment, robot suits in which I piloted with my family. This was quite a large underground pathway apparently.

A few of our robot suits went up to the surface and out the door. It was totally quiet, we were in a field somewhere, with the exception of a shed just ahead. The other two robot suits moved ahead and crouched at the shed, but then as I was emerging from the doorway of the underground I saw an alien ship flying ahead. We all ran back downstairs.

We had abandoned our robot suits and I recommended my family hide in a large cabinet with wooden doors, otherwise filled with boxes. We needed to keep quiet. There was one more person who snuck in with us, and then we had to make no sound, as the aliens came down into the tunnels.

I was terrified.

Finally the cabinet door was swung open and several aliens were outside. They looked like they wore armour, they had thin arms and only a few fingers, and they lacked much of a neck, broad shoulders up to wide heads.
One of them stepped forward and stretched out its arms towards us. The person who was hiding with us freaked out and attacked. The three of the aliens killed him.

My family was doomed. I tried my best to calm them because it seemed strange, the outstretched arms. I did not know how to signal them that we are peaceful. I recall thinking that we should not raise our arms, or shush them to peace. Any sound of movement could be misunderstood. So we just stood there, until finally, the truth was revealed.

They were Doctors. Humanity had a sickness none of us were aware of, something so bad that it made us angry and rabid like the way we all behave to each other. It affected our ability to see things clearly our entire lives. They had come in great numbers to try to help us.

Everything except the final moments felt like a terrifyingly real nightmare. When I woke, I just stared up for awhile until I could calm myself. I was agitated. I turned and decided, on a whim, to check the time on my phone. I had a text message.

It is my friend. She just went to emergency and texted me 30 minutes before I woke up. She is very sick.

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  1. One night I had a vivid dream like that. I remember being in a devastated area where buildings were rubble and you had to climb and crawl around and under the concrete and steel bars. I was trying to hide. I was trying to get to safety. Suddenly I look up and this soldier in Nazi like uniform points a gun and touches it to my head. I heard the gun blast and everything went white. I woke up frozen with fear and holding my breath. I was in a terror.


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