Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Life after SRS

It has been awhile and in no small part my hiatus has been due to life struggles. I figure I end up sounding like a broken record if all I do is go on and on about how things aren't so great.

I keep up on Tumblr easily enough. I dunno, I guess it is the convenience of an easy to use app on my phone. Also a habitual reblogging of fine lady porns.

I get questions there from time to time. Here's one now.

How are you doing after your srs is your life starting to be normal


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  2. You really interest me. I've been reading your posts about your transition. You're a brave woman. I'm sure it's not easy. At first i was only attracted to your drop dead gorgeous looks but now I'm attracted to your bravery. You're amazing. I'm in los Angeles. If you ever find your way out here, Proe_losangeles on Instagram


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