Thursday, August 14, 2014

Weight loss

I've been on a medically supervised weight loss program for about four months now and I'm now down 40lbs. Yay!

30 lbs more to go, and at the risk of being the target of fat phobia and body shaming, I present to you me as of now.


  1. You look great, keep up the good work!

  2. Great job. Are you still accepting donations? How can I help?

    1. I cannot use PayPal but I can accept moneygram, Western Union, and good old fashioned check. I'm checking into getting a USD bank account but it adds more costs to my month and I'm honestly not sure many people will want to donate. I did think it would be fun to receive a note from donation telling me what to writr on my body or what to say on camera and post that online. If you'd like to talk more, I'd love you to email me at Bubblepopmei at yahoo dot com or bubblepop000 at Gmail

  3. Sweetheart,

    You're on the WONG track.
    Not even the wrong rail.
    You have no bloody idea
    of how we displease Almighty God
    and how we're so deserving of Hell.
    But, yet, I repent every 5weeks...
    so should you if you'd follow us...

    Again, dont do that, earthling;
    dont fall for whorizontalisms
    which only influence you
    to worship mortal sinners
    like a lemming which falls OFF
    the cliff into utter despair.

    I'd looooove to meet you
    in intoxicating Seventh-Heaven...
    yet, you first must be prepared:
    Find-out what RCIA means and join;
    classes are free,
    starting early September.

    Aint no joke, earthling:
    our indelible soul is on the line.
    What's 77ish years compared to
    the length N breadth of eternity?
    What's the Tyranny of Progressivism
    compared to the saving of our soul?

    Doesnt make any difference
    if you're an atheist;
    doesn't make a whole-hilla-beans
    wortha difference when you croak.
    You'll be crying-out for JEEE-SIS!!!
    ...yet, if you've been a non-believer
    your entire, finite existence,
    Jesus maaay not hear you.
    Billions of everlasting souls
    are now in Hellfire without
    the basic nessecities for eternity.
    Are you actually willing
    to take THAT risk of being condemned?

    Again, Jesus laughs when you
    should've learned the
    meaning of wisdom N discernment,
    mortal sinner - as am I.
    Im sooo not better than you
    ...yet, I gotta lotta d'knowlijj
    which'll save-your-soul, kapiche??
    Sorry fo d'New Yoirk accent.

    Again, find-out what RCIA means.
    Make Your Choice  -SAW
    PS 'Saving souls from Hell
    should be your
    primary occupation'

  4. All you remember is darkness, before the hood is ripped from your head and before you lies the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen. Alexandra Snow Clips


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