Saturday, October 23, 2010


So while I fidget to get comfy on long wait lists for tg support programs, counselling, and TG experienced physicians, I have a small bit of movement from my current Doctor.

I had the HRT protocols for him, but he's opting instead to refer me to an endocrinologist instead. I suppose I wanted him to say he'd take this adventure on himself, but it makes way better sense to have the professional hormone magicians sparkle dust over me instead.

Regardless, I can't afford it yet. I wonder if a "donate" button would be a good idea for my blog...


  1. A donate button might be a good idea, but if you do post one, maybe add something extra to it? Like for X amount, you either share a pics of you when you are transforming, I dunno.

    You also have to be prepaired for the people who can not afford to give away money, like college kids (aka me)

    Just giving my feelings on the thing. whatever you do, I'll still watch you and hope for the best for your life.

  2. yes indeed - we are all thinking the best for you!

  3. Hang in there girl. Life does seem hopeless at times. I know this from experience, it just seems like you are stuck and can't move forward. But I keep hope by keeping my dreams alive within me. I know that as long as I keep hope and never give up I'll achieve my dreams. That is what keeps me going day to day. If I did not have that hope for my dreams, my life would be one very sad tragedy and would have ended long ago.

    Keep the hope alive girl! You will see your dreams come true!!

  4. In the UK we get Hormone Therapy and SRS on the NHS.


  5. Posting pics might get me to donate ;)

    Like if you reach a certain amount donated, you post one pic, and if you reach even more than that, share some more.


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