Thursday, October 14, 2010

Feminine Voice Training

Hiyas people!

So on my quest to become a fabulous shemale pornstar there many facets of femininity that I have to drown in. Since it is my thoughts and words that make you gorgeous men feel sooO good you want to sneak me around your girlfriends backs and buy me things, that is something I want to focus really hard on!

Now I'm very blessed to have been a chatty child, and practiced silly voices often. I have several years experience in voice work and radio production, so I understand the basics of making my voice feminine without help. That doesn't change the fact I have to practice practice practice just as much as all of you girls.

Now I've included a few videos below, but I'll go through the basics with you here.

1. Reach for falsetto, not to stay at falsetto, but to learn to speak without resonance.
2. Think about how you want to sound, bimbo or not.. find your own unique voice.
3. Practice. You'll want to use a voice recorder to play it back to yourself.

Now you don't have to buy a fancy recorder, and honestly most smartphones can download apps of voice recording, and most mp3 players have that function. Because I work in sound production already, I have a Zoom Handy Recorder H4n. Very overkill.

CandiFLA is a great resource on youtube for how to train your voice to be feminine. When I found her, thanks to Megan, I was absolutely shocked at how much like me she is. She is very much my end goal for physical appearance, but also she has humour, confidence, and flirtatiousness that I share. One of the most interesting aspects about Candi is that she reverts to male voice frequently. That is very rare, and special, since it shows how deep voiced males can acheive feminine voices despite their starting points.

The following are some of her videos on voice training:

For me, it is very difficult to practice without privacy. My gf is on maternity leave, she is always here, always asking me what I'm doing, always in the same room. I will take my recorder and go outside, but then I'm doing it outside. I'm not sure what a good option is, but I have to find one, if I am to sound feminine when I dress as a woman, for Halloween...


  1. Wow CandiFLa is amazing. I had no idea. Have you ever considered posting video/audio of yourself here? Sorry if you've done that in the past and I missed it. You might get some great, specific tips on areas for improvement. Good luck.

  2. I may put up audio of my voice training progress. I definitely will be putting up video in the future.

  3. wowww - that's very impressive!!

  4. I would want to see a vid of you at halloween, voice and costume.

    Good luck to ya with all of this and wish me the same luck with mine. ^^


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