Monday, October 4, 2010


I am so proud of my imagefap profile. I always talk about tending my imagefap garden, and what I mean is that I will go online, find new fans, bookmark new and sexy favourite galleries. What a great place to show off my captions, pics of my heroes, fashion styles I covet, and finally after today... ladyboy porn I intend to emulate.

Imagefap is full of hot-blooded, hungry men who are so very eager to send me sexy messages of praise. I quite like that.


  1. OMG I love your imagefap! I just saw this today and its perfect!

  2. bubblepop-- You are a hot lil slut!

  3. Bubblepop, you are one sexy woman! Your motivational posters are an inspiration, your images breathtakingly beautiful. If only I could be just half as sexy as you, I could have so many hot men, beautiful, hot men!

  4. Where can i find a full-sized version of your ImageFap profile picture? I MUST have it!

  5. These photos go with the story so well annnd oh sooo hot! What a sexy fantasy!



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