Friday, April 29, 2011

Colour Pressures

In the 1900s boys wore pink and girls wore blue. Now babies are swaddled in the opposite. A few years ago it was fashionable for men to wear "Salmon" now it isn't.

I'm feminine and so sociologically, when I'm presenting as myself, it makes complete sense. See my entire blog, lol. When I get colourful stars tattooed low on my pale pelvis, no one will think that is weird, but if I did so before I was full-time lady fabulous, they'd stone me.

I was with my business partner at a mall kiosk for cell phone and tablet device designs that you can stick on them. I was looking through the Samsung Galaxy styles while the salesgirl and I flirted heavily. I flirt a lot. It means nothing.

I found one I liked and told the the salesgirl so, to which she asked, "Do you want people to think you're Gay?"

I pushed the stack of designs into her hands and left her shocked and jaw dropped with, "Well I'm transgender, does that help you?"


  1. Ha ha, I would have loved to have seen her expression.

  2. She was just jealous honey, because you are sexy and fab-u-lous! And she ain't. As Lady Alexia said, you go, girl!


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