Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ask Mei: Feminization fantasies


I have a few questions and I'm interested in your point of view.

For me being fem and the fantasies I have had seemed like one thing to me all rolled up but lately I've kinda parted them in two. There's the kinky side with feminization involved but there is my non sexual dressing up because I love it and I love being a lady (as close as I can get anyways.)

Do you separate the sexual desires with transgenerdness or are they one in the same. Or misinterpreted sexual nature all of one with both genders. I have no idea.


OMG great question! Thanks for asking me, and I'm super proud you wish to hear my POV.

They are two things for me, and that being said, I actually do not feel any sexual interest in feminization, so they are actually one thing. I require constant validation of my femininity, and I feel positive, uplifted, and excited when I receive that validation, but I wouldn't say that is the sexual focus, it just makes me feel sexy. That's true of many girls though, being validated for being feminine and sexy gets people feeling sexy!

I find concepts that seem included in feminization sexy, but since feminization implies I'm not feminine enough, I actually find it negative and a buzz kill. This is personally speaking of course. It wasn't always that way either, but it was more of a hopeful feeling than a sexual one, and again it was the surrounding concepts that excited me.

Coercion, seduction, corruption, D/s and playing with themes of sexuality and the ending of innocence. These are some of the elements that make up feminization. I find them deliciously exciting, and that was always what I loved about my captions and the work of others. If the focus was just "yeah, I'm female now so I wear (insert detailed clothing description)" it totally lost my attention.

I think if you are feeling a divide between the sexiness of feminization and the general comfort and positive natural feeling of being feminine you might want to consider exploring your gender identity in an official capacity. That's what I did when I realized I couldn't continue as a male, being unhappy when I felt just so darn happy and relaxed in heels and colourful dresses, being referred to as female.

sparkles and rainbows,


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