Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mei is Real

I'm over the moon happy now that I am expressing myself. Whether it be at work with clothes or online with my bubblepopmei-nography I get to finally get out of my head and onto page some very important ideas that truly define my identity. 

I hear very often from people, online and in person, that what they like about me is how honest I am about my interests, my feelings, my sexuality. I don't hold back. I suppose I might even be considered brazen. It might interest you to know that some people question my honesty. Some embarassing viewers in this community are skeptical about my blog and my existence. Skeptic = loser in this case. 

Here is an example from today on a certain fetish site.

Am I real? I left my family and flew across the world to get breast implants. I healed in a hospital and came home to transition full-time at an office of over a hundred people in a building of over a thousand, in one of the most culturally diverse cities in the entire world. 

Yes I am real... and I'm awesome.


  1. Well said my sister. Silly boys are always up to silly games talking but never owning up to it.

  2. What a bitch. A two faced hypocritical cunt. You go on about how you like flirting and sex but when someone offers you play the martyr. Brazen and open, scared and confused more like it.
    You are the one playing silly games and not owning up to it. Its fucktards like you that give Shemales a bad name.

  3. I don't know what has been going on with you both. But it is obvious who is the asshole here.
    Bubblepop is showing her face, went through with her transformation and that desevers a lot of respect. And you? You insult her publicy under the cover of anonymity. You coward!
    She stood you up? Obviously for good reason!

  4. <3 Friedoline! Thanks for the kind words. What you see in that screenshot is the extent of his conversation with me. Never met him before, never will.

    I do nothing to separate people from the idea that transsexual = slut, and that is my sin. I can make captions reinforcing this idea, but what I'm really driving at is that I am a slut, but that doesn't mean all transsexuals are. Idiots like this guy can't get that point, but there is a difference.

  5. Thanks for being real, Mei. Next time we talk I'll tell you about the painfully sexy dream I had about you :)

  6. Hey it's scienceboy, fuck that fool!! Your beautiful and he's a tool! I'd still love to meet. I hope we can coordinate something. I can't wait to see the porn you will be shooting! I'm sure you will be great. Hope to talk to you soon. Xoxo

  7. I get the fact that not all transexuals are sluts, some of them are very nice people.
    But what you don't seem to get is if you portray a certain image and people respond concordantly to that image how hypocritical it is to judge them, and then go one further and attempt to publicly shame them for that response.
    That is why you are a two faced little bitch, that is why you give transexuals a bad name. That is why you can get your boobs done, you can laser your face, do whatever, but you will still be ugly on the inside.

    1. http://bubblepopmei.blogspot.ca/2012/07/slut-pride.html

  8. That guy is an idiot. The thing is a girl decides whether or not she wants to give her time, effort, energy and money that she puts into looking femme to a guy or group of guys based on many things.

    Attitude, age, physique, prowess, power etc... and even then if a guy has game he can get a girl to change her first impression and get invited in. I did, and enjoyed Mei's pussy for hours in all positions and filmed it too...

    Now I know why he used a cock pic instead of his face, cause no other girl will want to date him when she reads the filth he writes.


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