Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New hair day

I found my first weave to be a great experience, and now I've begun my second. I'll share some of my thoughts on weave experience.

it is expensive. I'm not really sure how I will maintain this. approximately $300 a month is what it will cost me to keep my hair looking fabulous. This isn't likely to be a short term reality either. A pack of hair can cost less, but so far I'm paying $75 a packet of good Remi hair. $150 for the weave, $50 to take the old one out.

It takes about an hour to take a weave out. Then I get to experience orgasmic level pleasure as I wash my hair and scratch my scalp with a zeal that I cannot explain.

Afterwards my head be sore yo, and so when the your hair is being returned to braids, it hurts!

The first few nights of a weave can be painful while sleeping, lots of tightness. It will relax though and you'll do just fine. I put my hair up in a sleep cap each night to keep it in good condition, and whenever possible, avoid getting your hair wet.

Don't pull my hair or I will show what I learned in combat sambo.

Here is the new look. I'm hearing this is better suited to me.


  1. Love the hair, but what am I supposed to grab when I'm fucking you from behind? :)

  2. Your old hair was nice... but i have to agree, this style is very flattering to you. Love your blog! Dont stop being you girl!


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