Monday, July 30, 2012

Ask Mei: Genitals


 I totally agree with you about the validation, I go online and do video chat. I just like to tease the boys despite the fact that I still feel very heterosexual. It just makes me feel fantastic to be desired.  As for stories I read I think it’s the process of the feminization of the body that gets me every time shaven legs, plucked brows and sometimes hormones. Also I love the loss of control in some stories, ya know the "she made me do it so mentally my hands are clean of wrong doings but I still get to experience it"

A little background info on me I'm in my thirties now with a wife and kids (wife knows and is supportive of me) .So transitioning for me is going to be difficult at best.

Here's another question for ya!  I love to look feminine and act femme but I also love having a penis. I've read a lot of people that transition hate their genitalia but I don't and I don't have any interests in men....but I still love the idea of being in a females body... did I break my brain or am I literally in the middle a gender grey area. 

inny or outy, ladies be ladies


I'm in a common-law relationship, or now defunct one, with a 2 year old daughter. Transition in a relationship was a mixed blessing. We are family now, not a couple in my case. We are here together to support each other and raise our daughter, but tensions often run high. My daughter has accepted it entirely. I leave it to her to decide what to call me; I feel no need to pressure my child.

While having body dysphoria is often part and parcel of being differently gendered, it doesn't have to take a focused form of having your genitalia. I do not have strong negative feelings towards my little lolipop. I do not use it in the traditional sense, and will never ever top someone but that does not mean that she is masculine or something I hate. I feel she is feminine, and she is cute and small and limp. She is part of my journey. Granted wearing certain outfits and catching a breeze head-on gives me away, but that's life. If I feel the pressure to remove my genitals in order to be more congruent and stealth in society at some point I may consider it, but as of right now I'd like to get an orchiectomy, but keep my dicklet.



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