Friday, August 9, 2013

Affordable Laser Hair Removal for Trans Women

A big hurdle for trans women is hair removal. There is often a lot to be removed, and not a lot of money to put towards removing it. Being employed full-time makes me an exception, certainly not the rule. There are too many of my sisters on social assistance, under employed, or working in unsafe conditions/jobs in order to make ends meet. Access to hormones, to the money you need to change your ID, and to makeup and hair removal is not something society respects as necessary because society doesn't respect us.

I've found a laser technician who has become a friend. Rose has started her own laser practice out of her home in Mississauga. She was previously sharing space with a salon but honestly her home is amaaazing and a nicer laser place than I've been in before.

What really matters are her prices, and her kindness. For trans women looking for affordable laser hair removal with an ally, visit Chateau Rose

The website is up new but up so go get you laser on and let her know I sent you!


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