Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Tattoo

I had some trouble with US airport security when I was returning from Texas. It wasn't anything super dramatic, just being put through the body scanners over and over and over.

Flattering, really, considering they had no clue what was going on. The bodyscan result had little yellow squares highlighting my breasts an my princess, and the security were scratching their heads.

Finally I said, "I can explain this," and gave a knowing glance to the black girl working the device. She turned to a smile and told me to step through the device once again. Upon exiting, she tapped the screen and it showed a big green checkmark, then went blank. "Go right ahead!" she chimed with a big grin. Yay for that TSA girl in NYC! Austin was a pat down, questions, feeling my head up, checking my bags, and going through body scan over and over. Less win there.

So I felt overwhelmed when I got back to Toronto, and needed a bit of catharsis. Nothing says closure like a tattoo. I showed up at Distinktive Tattoos on College street in Toronto and they didn't quite know what to make of me. Eds hooked me up with the fabulous ray gun you see below. He was so excited to get to do some retro pulp fiction style art. I was his first ray gun.

During the tattoo, 3 useless white girls were staring at me the whole time during their meaningless dribble tattoos. Super annoying, but my tattoo turned out great. 3 hours in the chair, and I have to say, this hurt a lot more than the stars on my foot. I am thinking of having a trail of stars go from my shoulder down my body and leg to connect to those on my foot. What do you think?

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