Monday, August 12, 2013

CAM-H another hoop

Thursday morning I met with my Doctor about CAM-H's letter to me. I had thought this was the big bad wolf of approval/denials but it turns out it is just another pit stop on the road to pussy palace.

Essentially, I've not been denied; I've been approved the change to have an approval. @_@ Dizzying, isn't it?

In a few *months* I'll be meeting with the head Doctor face at the CAM-H gender place and she will approve or deny me, I guess. I'm not sure what the committee, which ostensibly would have included her was doing if not approving me, but whatevs.

This is good news! Don't get me wrong. I look forward to meeting her because I hear she's aces.

I figured this might be a good time to sort of revisit the CAM-H steps that brought me here, and the projected one ahead.

1. My initial referral to CAM-H. Long wait to get the date, then a few hours of being interviewed by psychiatrists, psychologists, et al. That happened for me as an awkward first step by my then family Doctor, in 2009.

2. In February 2013 my current family Doctor said I'm a likely candidate for SRS. April 2013 I was at CAM-H for a follow up with a delightful intern related loosely to the Twilight franchise.

3. A CAM-H committee reviewed my case in June 2013 to decide if this bitch deserves a pussy yo!

4. The culmination of a committee meeting to discuss my pussy was: sure, maybe, but let's have you meet us again anyways.

5. In a few months I'll be meeting with the head of the GIP at CAM-H about dat pussy!

I hope this is useful somehow. Do you guys enjoy hearing about my life and transition, or do you just want me to suck some cock?


  1. Personally speaking i am interested in both :)


  2. Im with Happy pet. I love hearing about your journey but also love about your sexual adventures too.

  3. I wish you would keep it. It's a beautiful part of you.

  4. Personally, I like the transition stuff more and the cocksucking stuff left, but I'm certainly in a biased minority as what, your only lesbian regular reader?

    Now if you want to share stories about licking pussy, I'm all about that :)

  5. Err, LESS, not left. Don't you hate noticing typos right after you click send?


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