Monday, October 14, 2013

Apartment Hunt

I've been searching for an apartment for a few weeks now. My brother and I still need to live together because I can't afford to live on my own. I pretty much feel like a burden.

I make more than he does but my transition costs and child care costs mean I can barely afford to rent a cardboard box let alone an apartment.

Apartment hunting can be a really energizing experience. It was at first. Unfortunately, transphobia rears its ugly head when it comes time to apply.

I've changed most of my ID but my credit history hasn't transferred over yet. I had to disclose to the place we applied to and upon hearing I was transsexual, the owner became sullen. wouldn't make eye contact, and let her son do the talking. Later she emailed me saying she wouldn't be renting the apartment because her son wanted it.. right.

It had a jacuzzi too.

Now we've decided to just leave me off the lease so I don't have to disclose. It was a nice compliment that she didn't know I was trans (I feel like I never pass) but this will at least help to avoid discrimination and ending up homeless.

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  1. That's awful! Are there laws against housing discrimination in your province? I know there are only about a dozen states in the US that have laws against discriminating against trans* people in terms of housing. I can't say I have much experience apartment hunting though. I was pretty much out of it when my parents found my current place. They had to sign the lease too. I don't make enough to qualify for an apartment in the slums.


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