Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tumblr Topless Tuesdays

In a continuing effort to reduce my depression, I've been making a point to add topless photos once a week, on tumblr.

Check out Topless Tuesdays each week and please do recommend any fun/silly/sexy ways I can add props to topless webcam pics.

I've also begun doing leg shots. I haven't selected a day for it but Samantha de Savory recommended a little french to roll off the tongue. Lundi Legs, perhaps? I have to think on that.

What I really loved is how a certain cute boy took the pic of my legs I snapped this week while at the office and made it the background of his phone! Finally the iphone is cool!

Through my tumblr, you can see all the posts of me personally at the bottom of the page, under


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