Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Why does trans equal loser

I find it amusing that so many people equate being trans with being a loser.

How wrong they are. I won.


  1. I've always viewed m2f transgenders as people with a strong dedicated commitment toward self-improvement and becoming a better person. Being the most awesome girl you can be is a worthy goal for anyone :)

    I will admit that, due to my inherent pro-female gender bias, f2m's confuse the hell out of me though. When your options are being a cute girl and being a useless guy, why on earth would you ever want to work for the latter?

    (This post is mostly tongue-in-cheek, I am not intended to insult anyone for striving to have a body that expresses the gender identity they truly feel is their own)

  2. Christina DiEdoardoOctober 2, 2013 at 8:10 AM

    I've always thought of us as Gender Sapiens Superior, but then again I'm a comics dork :)

  3. You are not a loser, so you are right. You win! If anything, trans people are very brave so how does that make you a loser is beyond me.

  4. Hi well I'm so pleased to find you wonderful people who love to be different, I except you and love what you are, and hope you can in turn love me because I am different in my way, I love Girls and Women who like sex with their animals, we call them Zoofillia's, I am living with two of them, I am loved by them the women as they love me because I'm a Deliminator, they love to be dominated by both me and My Male Dog


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