Monday, October 7, 2013


I'm afraid I'll be having a few downer blog posts to share. I wrestled with whether or not to share them at all, but decided that this is my place to share who I am and how I am feeling so I shall have at!

I had been seeing someone regularly, and enjoying it. A guy who I talked about a few times on my blog I think, but someone I had finally connected with on a regular basis.

We connected. We would talk for hours interspersed with bouts of kissing and fucking. He was the first man I let bareback me. The first I let cum inside me. I'll be straight up, I really began to develop feelings for him.

It makes sense, considering from date one he was talking about wanting a girlfriend, wanting more than just flings, and even going so far as to suggest I move in once his renovations were done.

Then he was gone.

There has been no cataclysmic event, no troubling issue that I am aware of. A man decided to make me develop feelings about him by suggesting he had feelings for me and plans that include me, and then he just stopped texting me back.

I didn't know whether he was alive or dead at first and it was pretty upsetting. He replied that he is alive, but made no comment regarding whether or not we are still seeing each other.

Obviously not since it has been now six weeks since we have seen each other.

Guys, when you have a girl like me who is comfortable with just fucking, why mess with it? Why would you infer that you wanted something more with someone who would happily fuck casually just to vanish later?

Shitty buzz.

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  1. I'm sorry that happened to you hun. It can be rough to just leave a person hanging, regardless of the committment. It hurts when a friend stops talking to you and leaves, it hurts when someone you may have wanted more from does it. I hope you feel better soon dear. You are very beautiful and any man would be lucky to fuck you :) or be your lover!


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