Monday, November 21, 2011

Consulting Plastic

Nov 22 I have a consultation with another plastic surgeon I met at the Everything to do with Sex show.

Previously I had met a plastic surgeon who had suggested a number of procedures for my face that would total 30 000.

This new Doctor said he wouldnt' touch a lot of my face, and instead we'd focus on brow and jaw. That sounds more financially reasonable.

In addition he said it is likely he could do face and body in one day, he will do 6-7 hours of surgery at a time.

I'm very excited, despite the cost, because he has financing options available and, most importantly, he seems more interested in my documentary, which ought to give me a bargaining chip.


  1. That is awesome. Good luck with everything. I'm really proud that your are doing this.

  2. Glad to hear you met such a nice surgeon! Best of luck!

  3. Nice! hope it all goes smoothly!


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