Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Plastic Plans

I had an amazing time with the Doctor on Tuesday. They were kind and patient and embraced my uniqueness. They are excited to work with me, and they are excited to be a part of my documentary.

The Doctor helped me understand the various methods and options I have available for plastic surgery and feminization and together we prioritized a plan.

I was very pleased with their honest praise regarding parts of me that did not require modification, my nose as one example, and I am uplifted by the plan we have.

Five hours of surgery on one day and I'll be living full time. That isn't to say I won't want additional procedures later, but this will put me in a position to flip the switch and be the ladyboy I am, in public.

Brow lift, breast implants, lipo and a tummy tuck, and injections in my chin, cheeks, and lips will be the procedures that take place in that day.

Males have lower brows than females, and so in order to capitalize on my Asian looking eyes and have a more feminine face that does not make putting on eye shadow both a chore and a waste, a brow lift will happen. Five tiny incisions at my hair line on my forehead will pave the way for the endoscopic procedure. Endoscopic surgery is that terrifying snake tube with the camera on it.

Biodegradable anchors will be placed on the front of my skull and the brow will be lifted and hinged onto the anchors like we might hang a coat. The healing process finds the anchors vanishing after the flesh has re-adhered to the skull.

Because my skin is tight, 40D breasts are not an option immediately. The Doctor would do a healthy C cup for me right away, but he believes the Becker method will be a better choice. Becker implants are inflatable.

330ml of saline/silicon implants are installed. A small tube is under the skin at the arm pit and is used to inject additional liquid into the implant every few days or weeks. This process allows the skin time to gracefully expand until the full 550ml D cup breasts I want are achieved.

Liposuction is straight forward. In order to avoid the lumpiness of regaining weight we used to hear about in the 90s and early 2000s, Doctors now criss cross a latticework to evenly remove fat.

The tummy tuck is what is really special. An expensive procedure on it's own, the tummy tuck will be the forerunner for giving a feminine shape. The abdominal muscles are cut in the center and in beneath, in addition to a tuck in and south, the muscles are stitched together in a tighter fashion on the sides, which pulls the flanks inwards and provides the shapeliness of the hourglass.

The injections to cheek, lips, and chin add fullness and, in the case of the chin, fills in the cleft.

The total for these procedures will be $23000 CDN after taxes. Financing is available, but who knows if I qualify. Still, I feel uplifted by the prospect of being lady fabulous close at hand.

I do want to have hip and buttocks enhancement, but the Doctor said that doing a turn in the middle of surgery makes things more complicated and costs a lot more. I will return for those procedures afterwards as they do not prevent me from living full time and they, above all others, hormones will affect.

Plus he says my bum is already good.


  1. Im so happy for you. Things are moving forward.

  2. Yay! Congratulations on finding a doctor who appreciates you for the ladyboy princess you are! I hope everything goes well with the procedures. My appendectomy was done laproscopically, it's really much less invasive so I'm sure your eyebrows will come out beautifully!


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