Thursday, November 24, 2011

I'm Going Through Changes

The Almighty Estrogen is having its way with me at an alarming and unexpected rate.

To confirm: I take two pumps of Estrogel in the morning, along with 200mg Spironolactone.

A tube of Estrogel lasts one month. I finished my first and so let's discuss One month results using pictures of the my truest heroes, the utterly fabulous Jessica Fox.

I typically pump onto each inner thigh and rub in, but I have begun alternating with my abdomen as well because as the season changes, dry skin must be avoided.

My face is fuller, rounder, softer features. I have a significant reduction in growth time for facial hair. I was told Estrogen does not have an effect on facial hair growth. I am surprised. I am being told how I look different, but people cannot place it. Those who know can tell outright my face has softened.

Body hair in other places has also had a significant reduction in regrowth and is sporadically not regrowing in areas, for example the arms. Leg hair has almost entirely given up growing at all. Luckily I keep smooth otherwise I'd look quite odd. While I have been doing laser hair removal, I have not done anywhere except the Brazilian/bikini area so this is Estrogen and Spiro talking.

The hair on my head has thickened, become silkier, and is growing at a faster rate. Okay seriously what is going on here? We've all read countless articles stating Queen E won't affect facial hair or the hair on your head. I have a blood test this week so we shall see what is up, but I like to think I'm soaking up hormones like flowers do sunshine because it is my destiny.

The pores of my skin have reduced, my complexion is even smoother, and my skin softer. I am not yet susceptible to heat and cold, as far as I can tell.

People smell different. I find myself.. catching a masculine scent in the air that seems quite noticeable but I ask others and nobody notices. Maybe it is in my head...

My itsy bitsy spider doesn't run up any water spouts now. She is very difficult to get hard despite lovely and overwhelming arousal and she is just lazy omg. I have to work so hard to keep her hard. This is all in the interest of science of course! Ladies and Gentlemen, I can assure you:I don't pitch I catch.

The moment I'm sure you've all been waiting for, which is why I left it until now... Mama Mei's nipples are WAY sensitive. Like ow easily and Ooh la la even easier! Also, my cleavage is deeper. This is, as far as I have read, unusual for one month into the big E.

Thanks Jessica Fox for being fabulous and helping me with this Estrogen update.


  1. As I read this I noticed that I've been feeling some similar results with my herbal regimen. It seems my facial hair isn't growing back as quick, my nipples are pretty sensitive as well, and my skin seems smoother and I've been at this regimen for almost 2 months. Either way congratulations on the beginnings of your new body and for having the courage to start the process.

  2. don't go for big/large breasts . . . smaller can be infinetly much more sexier and exciting looking. (michael g.b.)

  3. I appreciate the kindness michael but I'm a curvy girl and having larger breasts is a matter of proportion on body frame.


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