Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I am so very Lucky

As I progress with estrogen and anti androgens, and get the chance to dress more frequently, to acquire the clothes and shoes and accessories I desire, to express myself with the hairstyles and makeup that I feel represent me, I find myself increasingly happy.

I'm in a miserable relationship, trapped in a place with no privacy, drowned with two jobs just to pay off my partner's credit card debt. I have zero savings and without financing my documentary cannot be produced. Yet I am still making the right choice.

Perhaps I'm not living as myself every day yet, but I am so very very lucky to be a ladyboy, shemale, transwoman, t-girl, sissy, etc. I am so very lucky to be me.

I have read from many t-girls that they wish they could stop, that they could be what society expects them to be, but they can't. I can't either. We R who We R. I heart Ke$ha.

I don't feel that way. I never have. Regardless of how bad things may get, I am blessed, not cursed, to be third gender, katoey, newhalf. Shemale. Proud.

I made a few captions to illustrate the point. Gallery found here.


  1. The captions are all so beautiful! I'm sorry that things are so rough for you right now. Know that we're all so lucky to have a ladyboy as fabulous as yourself in the world! <3

  2. You are not only "blessed" to be who and what and how You are . . You are also "a blessing" to the rest of us and to all the world just because You are in it and bring Your amzingly sexy and captivating person and presence inot the world . . .we can only bask in Your light and hope to reflect a little of it to others to share that magic. YOU are the magic! (michael g.b.)


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