Sunday, November 20, 2011


My life became so hectic after Halloween that I really hadn't had a chance to sit down and contemplate what happened and explain to you.

I went dressed as Rainbow Brite to the Bovine Sex Club on Halloween with my friends. It was fun, I danced so much my legs hurt for an entire week. I've never felt so free to dance before.

We ordered cosmopolitans, and since we were in a rock club we got dirty looks from the bartenders every time we did, but they were joking and super nice.

I had women coming out of the crowd to get my attention and congratulate me on my costume. Three times the women were then spooked to realize I was a ladyboy.

Despite the compliments I did not receive much attention from boys. It would be easy for me to feel lower self esteem but honestly it wasn't about me. I got tons of positive looks, I would catch them staring at my legs and checking me out, but they never made their moves.

Then I realized, boys are cowards. They suffer from overwhelming peer pressure. Men don't huge, they don't wear certain colours, they don't use words like fabulous and they don't pursue any potentially homoerotic situations while surrounded by their rock and roll buddies.

I had guys approach me and then as soon as they realized I was a ladyboy they honestly jaw-dropped and backed away.

Next time I'll skip the rock and roll, and just go straight to the shemale sex club, Goodhandy's.

It surprises me that boys will let a tiny little thing between my legs keep them from a good time.


  1. Let us know next time you're going out to one of those clubs. Would love to meet you there.

  2. honey, honey, if boys acted any differently would you like them as much as you do?

  3. I'm glad to hear you had fun, and didn't let the (in)actions of others ruin your good time!

  4. I like how you used the correct term boys. Being socialized as one kinda does make us realize just how silly their behavior can be sometimes. Its cool that you're having a great time! ^_^

    I had a similarly pleasant experience on Halloween. I went to my friend's party where she did my makeup and was gorgeous! She approached me at one point and mentioned how one of her friends was checking me out but he never came around to meet me. >:O

    Its all good though. When a MAN comes up to us all them BOYS will realize how silly they've been and what they're missing out on. :)


  5. Please dont surrender. If i would meet nice girl in a club, i wouldnt bother if she has "tiny thing" between her legs. More than that i would be so happy :P


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