Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sensory Massage

It is no secret I plan on doing porn once I go full-time. Sex work is a common reality for many gurls. Sometimes it is necessity, sometimes it is based on nymphomania and interest.

For my part, I find sensual massage very appealing. It would allow me to ensure the client is showered, by showering with s/he and use my hands to caress and relax them towards a very happy ending.

It reverses the payment plan as well. Sex becomes extra, with the massage/happy ending being the basic. The onus is on the client to pay extra to push his hard cock inside my lubed up boipussy instead of that being the goal and other add-ons like D/s stuff being extra.

Stress is such a horrible thing in our world today, and it is something I have suffered with a long time. I'd like to help my clients relax. My interest in hypnosis, meditation, yoga, and mindfullness programs makes me well suited to easing a man or woman's worries.

The environment will be peaceful, with a trickling foundation, soft binaural sounds to soothe, warm fresh towels, and hot oil. Doesn't it all sound so wonderful?

Telling my family I'm an escort is difficult. Telling them I'm a masseuse is a pretty lie.


  1. Lie or not, I certainly wouldn't object to the idea of a massage from you.

    (What times you been on Yahoo lately? Miss talking with ya on there.)

  2. I am now hooked...I would be a frequent client for sure.



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