Thursday, April 7, 2011

Silly Cucks!

I seem to attract many of you silly cucks out there, and I'm never sure why. I'm not in the least bit dominant, and yet you're still falling over yourself to spend your money on me and pull your widdle weenies while I make out with real men.

I don't mind.

In fact I'm finding myself increasingly comfortable with my own form of cucking. I'm not whips and chains, but I do like a touch of tease, and if a big black guy gets his hands on me all the better!

My imagefap profile has a few cuck captions that I'm sure you're going to make your little cummies too in no time.

Let's be professional here though, cucks, because its not like you're man enough to be my boyfriend.. so when you make your silly cock cum, catch the load in a kleenex. You're not making any babies tonight!


  1. I'll never introduce my gf to you for fear you will steal her away...!

  2. Just so you know, some of us like you because you're soft not because you're hard.

  3. I'm excited over the thought of you turning the boys into your new girlfriends, with more of your attitude in place of their old one.

  4. I appreciate it mingle. Dont worry, I'm almost entirely soft and like it best.

  5. Your uber feminine personality and submissive nature make you something a bit special, guys want to fuck you. The fact that you openly express your desires for 'alpha males' makes you a major tease for the rest of us. If you think about it, teasing is really what cuckolding is all about.


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