Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hypnotic Facets

Omg Mei shut up about hypnosis already! We know you love having whispers in your brain, making happy little thoughts breezes blowing thoughts away. Well too bad I wanna talk about it! I really like it yum. I like hypnosis almost as much as I like to take it in the bum!

I find that between those of us who yearn for hypnosis we are drawn to different things. It isn't fair to say that we all have the same inklings.

I know there are those who find hypnotic dominatrix mp3s dial up the humiliation and feminization fantasies some people have. Or bimbofication can help you lighten your mind and become plastic pretty.

There are those who like the physical responses hypnotic power can bring. Cumming by the keyword or being frozen in place offers a unique sort of bondage those kin crave.

I've written captions that include personality changes, memories toyed with, ages regressed, new personalities created and loyalties changed. They are all delicious ideas, but not what draws me to hypnosis.

The simplicity of relaxation is what I enjoy in hypnosis. The relaxing, mental massaging, pampering way it soothes me and prepares me in the same way a spa day may. That is not to say I do not enjoy some of the other facets at times, but I think this more relaxing interest in hypnosis is sometimes forgotten with all the other facets on the line.


  1. I think you hit the nail on the head here. Suggestions don't really take hold on me but the time while I'm in trance everything just disappears and I get to let it all slip away. Sure the fantasies are fun, but it's the release that keeps me coming back.


  2. Great insight! We all experience personal petals on the same flower, everyone has their own permutation of the same base fetish. I imagine, though, that the picture choices for your thoughts above are fairly universal. Soooo sexy, Mei! I'm a little /ahem/ squirmy right now no matter my "flavor"...


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