Saturday, April 16, 2011

Man Quest

I had counselling today. Spent the whole hour talking about my partner and baby, how to keep them in my life, and how to improve theirs. I feel like I have a better understanding of timeline but I have to say I'm a bit sad that I spend so much time trying to make things peaceful, happy and safe, ignoring my own self, and she told me tonight she doesn't plan on getting me a bday gift. She didn't get me anything for our anniversaries or Valentine's either for two years.

I feel like she doesn't care.

I'm looking forward to June. Career movements happen there that may have me living lady fabulous back in Toronto, single and entertaining men this summer. I deserve this.

I deserve males. They quest... Hence the title. It isn't like I've had an enormous amount of experience with women, so please don't take this to mean there are no exceptions, but I feel like, based on my own experience and the experiences of others, females lack in most sectors of a relationship. They feel like they landed a boyfriend and now they can go limp and let him do everything, nagging all the way.

Males don't seem to feel that way. Not only are they oh so very hot and sexy with their deeper voices, hands, hard bodies, and force of personalities, but they are builders, warriors, they make things happen.

When a man desires me, he shows it. He makes his presence known, and if he actually cares, seeks to improve my life with displays of affection. They are rewarded. It isn't expected or demanded, it is given freely and appreciated.

Shemales share that value with males, unsurprisingly. It often will come in the form of our willingness to sexually worship our mate, or an outfit worn, or a massage or pampering given. It can even be a simple and clear praise.

I am so grateful for male attention, and for all the males out there who don't try to murder me.

You're all aces.

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