Friday, April 22, 2011

Doctors and Documentaries

I came out to one of my business partners last night. It always takes time to sink in, but he took it extremely well. He even asked if he could share it with his new wife. Absolutely! I think she already knows, honestly. She saw me dressed and natural before since this is the guy whose house I went to for Halloween, the first time I dressed up and my friend fingered me into squeals while the party went on.

He's the man with the five thousand dollar camera, so he said he'll be at every appointment to film it for my documentary. I'm going to put together my pitch and approach production companies shortly.

I felt the urgency to tell him because I'm going to be beginning anti androgens next month. I met my Doctor this week and he says that I have two more appointments before I get started on HRT. My blood work is fine, my health level is fine. He did a physical and saw my boobies and my lolipop and they are all fine. In fact he told me I'll do well with breast augmentation since I already have breasts, the skin can stretch more than with a flat chested person.

So in two weeks I'll meet for the big 'ol informed consent OMG HORMONES DO THIS AND THAT appointment. Following that, I sign and get the prescription! Yay!

Additionally, I spoke to him about doing surgeries before HRT has had two years to take effect and he said that was completely fine. Further, he said that the procedures I'm looking at doing: facial feminization sugery and breast, hip/buttocks augmentation are all procedures that will not have much impact from HRT. A pleasant surprise.

He even mentioned a local cosmetic surgeon who does free consultations. I will try to get that on camera as well and get info on the process. I am confident this guy will want to be on film.

So things are progressing. My Doctor says I'll be on anti-androgens for at least a month before we begin the big E. After a few months of anti androgens I'll go back and begin my laser hair removal. Now that I have my business partner with me, I'm certain I can get the laser hair removal for free and have it on camera.

Happy Easter!

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