Saturday, April 16, 2011

Laser Hair Removal

My Mom got me the best birthday present ever: laser hair removal!

I have six sessions coming up, and today I had decided to take my first. Mom drove me out there, which was good because it would have taken me several hours by TTC. It turns out it was extra good because I didn't get any laser done.

It was heart breaking because I had expected to begin this part of my journey and really feel like I could use a positive event right now, but the rationale makes sense. I was there to target the hair on my face, and because of a lifetime of shaving *phooey!* the hair on the face is tougher, and requires more treatments. Unless hormones can help me some of the way. The clinic owner was very honest and straight forward with me, and encourages me to come back after using hormones for a bit.

Disappointing, sure but the lady is AWESOME. Wendy is her name. She complimented me on my pic I showed her, and she's very supportive of my transition and of my documentary, and offered me discounts for promoting her to others.

This is such a big part of a transsexual's transition and has such high costs. I was shocked to find Wendy's prices are well below those of others, but her experience and success speaks for itself. She has several locations, is very friendly, and the place had free jacuzzi!

I meet with my Doctor on Wednesday and I am going to be very assertive. I want to begin anti androgens immediately. Enough waiting.

Any Greater Toronto Area girls who want to get laser done in a safe, comfortable, and trans-supportive place, leave a comment here, message me at my imagefap profile, or email me if its around here somewhere. I'll hook you up, and you'll be hooking me up too.


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