Monday, March 28, 2011

1st night out on the town!

I had a wonderful time going to a club on Saturday night with my sistas in tow. Despite a calamity of tiny errors we had a blast. My friend did up all our makeup smoky eye awesome, and then into the cold we went.

I had thought up my outfit when it was 12 degrees outside. On Saturday it was -12. I had a cute little dress on.. little as in ending mid thigh, and no tights, just my smooth and pale legs. Many eyes were upon me, yes, but outside the club it may have been for a different reason. In order to stay warm I had bought this fabulous big black/brown fur coat. I did not realize it was longer than my dress...

Yup, outside in public I looked like I was wearing a fur coat, and nothing else.

The bouncer was this yummy black guy. He checked my friends' ids and they were in, he saw my boy id and didn't bat an eye, he just smiled and touched my elbow. I swooned for like five minutes afterwards.

Once inside it was fabulous. The coat check girl was super nice to me and loved my look and then the eyes started. Because of my little calamities I wasn't as confident as I usually am, so I didn't smolder back at them and get slut fucked in the stairwell, but I was caressed and grabbed as I danced.

I had a tiny trip on the dance floor. Heels not easy girls. Then I decided to sit down and talk to the birthday girl, the reason we were there. I made friends, was complimented repeatedly on my shoes, my legs, omg i can't get over how good your shoes look on you. I soaked it in. Shoes, nails, dress, makeup, hair: Hearing about how impressed they are with how I coordinate is big for me.

I learned a few things about my night out. Comment with your tips on clubbing dressed.

1. You don't make out with boys sitting down. Dance floor is where the sex begins.
2. Bring flats. Heels are sexy, dancing with boys is sexier.
3. I brought a larger bag. Don't. Bring a clutch, even if your sistas want you to carry their stuff ha

I'm hooked though. The place was so friendly and I'm definitely going back. Next time with a longer dress, flats, a clutch purse, and a little more money to get buzzed so my dancing becomes less nervous.


  1. sounds like you had a wonderful time, the first of many nights to come. your becoming the delightful girl you should be.

  2. which club did you go to?

  3. Glad to hear you had a nice time, dear! And you look great in those photos!


  4. Woa! That's absolutely fabulous!
    Are you in these pictures? I really want to do something like this myself one day!

  5. ooh Mei i'm SO glad you had such a wonderful ti, - the first of many i hope, as Mistress Simone says!

  6. oh that club is just down the block from me


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