Thursday, March 31, 2011

Short dresses

So my Mother and Brother came to the family night at the gender group. It was kinda sorta awesome. A lot of supportive people there. Great to see.

We were separated at some point, our allies drawn into another room, and afterwards we compared lists we had made, of hopes and fears. There was a lot of similarity, but they were surprised to learn that while they had one page of hopes and fears, we had six.

Chief among the fears our parents, family, and friends have is safety: medically, socially, and mentally. It is understandable.

Interestingly enough my Mom had a conversation about me with the coordinator, and she brought up her concern of how short my dress was on Saturday at the club. Lol! I haven't even begun hormones, but apparently it will be like puberty, and we will have a tendency to wear dresses and skirts that are quite revealing.

Now I must confess I was amused, but inwardly defiant. I love dresses, and I have great legs and want to show them off. I like having attention, and by no means would I say I dress 'slutty'. I just show a lot of my pale body.

These pics are examples of outfits I have worn or will wear. This is, essentially, my style. Now I'm a slut. Please don't mistake me here. I'm 100% dick dreaming, boycrazed and polyamorous. The line up for the gangbang is on the left, which of you gorgeous men are going to rub me down with oil first?

I don't really relate to the fetish clothing aspects that many tgirls enjoy: nylons, red/black outfit combinations, leather/latexpvc, towering heels. Please know I am happy for you to express yourself, like, however you want, fer sure! Bimbotization fetish aside though, do you feel like you dress sluttier than cisgender women? For the more advanced of us, did you initially wear more revealing clothing, and now find yourself drawn towards more appropriate knee-length outfits?

I'm super interested to know! Either way, we are all lady fabulous and should be proud!


  1. I've heard a lot about HrT being like a second puberty, only this time it is voluntary. If I get crazy acme again I will stab someone though. :P

    Family night seems pretty rocking. My support group doesn't really do that, guess its because a lot of members are older. Well their being five of us who show up consistently might be a reason too. I'm the baby, the youngest. :P The second youngest member has had her mom their before though.

    Now for dresses and clothes. You may be a slut but you're gonna pull off that cute and innocent thing just fine. And it will be great, people will be like, "D'aaawwwwwww!" and you'll be all like, "Hey now is GANGBANG TIME!" lol

    In terms of clothing I like. I'll probably be dressing androgynous 80% of the time. Can't exactly be waltzing around a research lab in a gown and heels. :P That being said I enjoy cool/cute jeans, I kind of want more of a butt because tight jeans are awesome. Idk, stuff like this:

    Probably girl it up a bit more outside of work. But in terms of fetish clothing. I definitely find it sexy buuuuut I'm thinking a simple collar is more my cup of tea. Nothing quite says, "I'm yours" like a collar. :P

  2. This isn't exactly on topic, but I've got a series you costar in on my blog.

    Hope you like it...or else!

  3. WHAT!? OMG When I am starring in something someone did, it is ALWAYS on topic Smitty!

  4. You have such a wonderful sense in fashion Mei! Those dresses are so pretty!

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