Thursday, March 31, 2011

Boys Boys Boys

I love 'em! I want to get my hands all over gorgeous hard male bodies. I'm already hopelessly boycrazy and Doctors warn estrogen will make male pheromones 'intoxicating' to me. Bring it on Doc! I want ALL the boycraze.

I'm so proud of myself for having such overwhelming arousal towards males. Can you imagine what girls are for? I can't! I had been with tens of thousands of men online before I even had a kiss from a girl. I felt nothing, thought movies exaggerated the experience, the sex, etc.

But the truth is, and I'm not sure why I didn't take this as a wake up call, that I would shake and swoon and melt just TALKING to men online. It is an intensely enjoyable experience to feel the presence of males wash over me. Girls are wasted on me.

I love how males know what to say to make me blossom. The gentle dominance that is innate to their kind, that I find so desperately attractive that it makes my boipussy tingle and the desire to be filled with throbbing life undeniable.

So I thought I'd show some hot pics of guys, some hard bodies I want to grab, men I want to kiss me breathless and carry me to the bedroom to ravish me.

Apologies to all you guys who didn't enjoy the pics. I'll make it up to you on my yahoo, lol.


  1. What a wonderful post means a lot to me as a sissy who tried to deny that attraction for SO long!!

  2. I agree with Tommi. It's so nice to hear this! As sissies, we shouldn't have to fight our natural tendencies to want to be with men. I loved the pictures.

  3. Expressing an attraction to men is extremely emasculating, yet misogyny is EVEN sexier!

    -your imagefap pal wxhluyp ;)

  4. Do more posts like this!!!!!!!


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